London Telephone Engineer

Welcome to London Telephone Engineer, an Ex BT Engineer service covering all areas of London.
Able to provide installation and fault finding services for telephone,
WiFi, Broadband and Cat5e/Cat6 data cabling.

Block wiring specialists in apartment blocks & major buildings works

We are your one-stop destination for all telephone, broadband and data needs.
Be it installation or issue resolution.
If you need help installing your broadband, WiFi or telephone, or facing issues which require
the attention of a qualified London telephone engineer, look no further.

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No matter which provider you are with, our Ex BT engineers offer a variety of solutions at nearly a fraction of the cost.
We are the only telephone and broadband specialists you will ever need.
Our Ex BT engineers work according to the same quality standards set by industry-leading
telephone and broadband service providers.

Whether you want to add extensions to an existing phone line, have faults investigated in your broadband system,
require complete telecom rewiring or need help with Cat5e and Cat6 cables.
We go above and beyond to provide you with a telephone and broadband repair service
that is well-regarded throughout London & its suburbs.

We have built our reputation on serving customers on a prompt basis and without breaking the bank, we might add.

Faulty Wiring

WiFi Coverage

Broadband Speeds

Data cabling installers

Your Go-to London Telephone Engineers

At Telephone Engineer London, we are equipped to deal with telephone line faults, broadband issues, damaged cables, poor internet connections,
issues around master socket relocation,
“crackly” lines, or data network issues with Cat5e/6 cables.
Should you require any help installing any of the above, we are at your service.

Broadband connections can sometimes act up at the worst possible times, leaving you with a poor connection or none at all, something we cannot afford to be without in this data-driven age. Your issue may be a faulty cat5 socket or an entire network that has not been properly installed for optimum performance. Give one of our ex BT engineers a call and we will not only identify the issues on a rapid response basis but also ensure that your connection is as good as new. If the WiFi in your house is not running as it should, our London telephone engineers will share extensive knowledge with you so that you do not face any such issues in future.

Why Us?

We are well-equipped to deal with a variety of telephone and broadband issues,
ranging from everyday internet connectivity issues to Cat5/6 connection problems.
We are trained ex BT engineers able to diagnose and fix all connectivity issues including faulty telephone wires,
weak WiFi, emergency repairs and health checks on broadband, as well as help with all Cat5e/Cat6 data cabling issues.

We have over 30 years of telecom experience under our belt and there is absolutely nothing our ex BT engineers in London cannot fix.
Our prices are super-competitive relative to what you would expect to pay to a telephone service or broadband provider directly.

Just give us a call at 0203 633 6445 and help will arrive at your doorstep
from a London telephone engineer.