Telephone Wiring

Need your telephone wiring tidied, removed, replaced?
Our telephone installations team can help.

Sometimes the BT Openreach install is below par for your property.

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Components of telephone wiring
BT Master Socket
Telephone wiring connections
BT Master Socket

Too commonly your telephone wiring and socket
is in the wrong place
Generally installed by a builder or an electrician,
Not a competent telephone engineer!

We can shift master sockets

Renew telephone line wiring

Fault find for noisy, crackly lines

Hide ugly telephone wiring

Telephone wiring blocking scaffolding

Junction boxes removed

Wiring around door frames and windows relocated

Master sockets moved and replaced

           Install telephone extensions

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Messy telephone wiring is not good
Renew messy cabling

Old telephone wiring like this above can be detrimental
to your telephone circuit
More so – very unsightly in your home
Telephone engineer London, has a telephone installations team at hand
Ready to correct and remove any telephone wiring problems you may have.


Telephone wiring installed to garden sheds
Outbuildings connected

Installing a garden workstation and need a telephone or broadband circuit fitted to it?
Need WiFi to any part of your home or garden?
Building an office in your grounds and need to connect it to your existing telephone line?
Telephone Engineer London – Always ready to complete any telephone engineering task


Telephone wiring in back box
New wiring installed

Equipped to install new sockets within your property.
Show us where you want the socket to go.
We can then explain to you the installation works needed to complete the task.
Sockets installed behind TV’s, Careline alarm units, alarms and many more


Telephone wiring problems are easily resolved
Problems Resolved

Had a poor experience with your service providers telephone installations team?
Generally this would be Openreach – All untidy, ugly looking works can be corrected.
Calling telephone engineer London’s telephone installations team – will soon have your property looking how it should.
In general we try to hide all cabling from view, cut back boxes into the wall & remove cables from door frames,
window frames and anywhere else they should not have been installed.